Tiziana’s Mat Basics – Class 2 of 3

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If you've mastered the concepts and movements in Tiziana's first Mat Basics video, this class takes it a step further, applying those concepts to new exercises. Working out with Michael, a bodybuilder in his 40s, you'll add to your workout with Rolling Like A Ball, the entire Stomach Series, a modified Shoulder Bridge, and One-Leg Teaser. Even if you don't have tight hamstrings like Michael, you'll enjoy the leg stretches Tiziana provides--she uses a elastic band to stretch, you can also use a belt or a towel over your foot. Filmed at Trovati Pilatesworks in Orange County, California.

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  1. Thara k 7 years ago

    Hi pls help me in reducing my thighs n tummy which I ve recently put on due to my time change at my job n no time to do any physicalactivities..

    • Tiziana Trovati
      Tiziana Trovati 7 years ago

      Hello Thara!
      Thank you for taking my class!!
      Have you tried the 30 day pilatesology challenge? That is when you take a class on pilatesology for 30 days straight… no breaks, no interruptions, no excuses…
      For the tummy best exercises are the Hundred, the Roll up and the Abdominal series. For the thighs best exercise is the side kick series…
      Let me know if I can help further 🙂

  2. tracy 9 years ago

    Hi Tiziana – Haha, “rest”! I’ve been called on that by a client who said, “You, know, when you say ‘rest’, you don’t mean it. 🙂

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