Pilates Backbends with Sandy Shimoda

The Shape of All Things Pilates: Arches

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The Arched Back is one of the shapes of the spine that Sandy and Karen at Vintage Pilates have identified to help in understanding how to move with proper alignment. All of Joe’s exercises fall into one of 5 body shapes: Tall Back, Round, Arched Back, Side Bend, and Twist. Sandy and her student Carrie Macy demonstrate different ways to achieve the Arched Back, using the Pilates Small Barrel, Mat, Spine Corrector and Large Barrel.

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  1. lili.viola

    I love these quick little tutorials that help me, as a teacher to review the shapes of the exercises so I know what to look for in my own clients’ bodies. Sandy has a lovely and positive teaching manner.

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      HI Lilli – I like quick reminders – like mental post its so I don’t get distracted about the focus of an exercise. Thanks for tuninng in.

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