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Learn 7 exercises that you can do in less than 10 minutes a day to strengthen your core, increase your flexibility and build coordination in your body. Click HERE for a list that you can take with you when you can't watch this video. Check out our Exercise Lists & Sequences page for more lists of exercises! You can visit Andrea and follow her blog at: Pilates Andrea.  

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  1. Tonigirl 2 years ago

    Ok as i said in the comments before, i’m new to pilates and i had two issues: getting around large breasts and abdominal fat to move fluid through those exercises that required you to ball yourself up. I had difficulty because of my anatomy. Any suggestions while i’m losing weight?

    • Andrea Maida Author

      Hello there –
      For the exercises where you have to fold yourself up, like Rolling Like a Ball – even the Double Leg Pull, you can hold the legs behind the thighs instead of holding the ankles. This should feel better. You’ll probably be able to feel yourself pull your stomach in and away from your legs so it may feel helpful as well. Good Question. The main point of these folding exercises is to pull the legs in like it is a kind of squat to open up your back so wherever you need to hold should be fine. thanks for doing this program and sharing your questions. If you need more help you know where to find me 🙂

  2. praveena108 3 years ago

    thanks, andrea, for a great class and teaching style

    • Andrea Maida Author

      You are so welcome – glad you enjoyed the class 🙂

    • Tonigirl 2 years ago

      I’m new to this program. If i follow this video, should i increase reps or just continue on to the next video? I thought that this program would be a great start since i’d like to make the exercise and forms, habit. 🙂

      • Andrea Maida Author

        HI there – Congratulations on starting this program!
        Do this video until you can complete all the exercises one after another and you know them and you could do by yourself from memory without the video. You should be able to keep your head up during the Hundred, single leg pull and double leg pull the whole time without resting. Do the reps just like the video, don’t add more. Eventually you will be able to do more exercises rather than more reps of the same 7 exercises.
        When you can do all the exercises from memory without stopping see how long it takes you to complete them. If it is more than 10 minutes, increase your tempo slightly and don’t take breaks between exercises until you can complete these 7 exercises in less than 10 minutes.
        When you can do that add the video where you get 3 more exercises. Incorporate those until you can do your 10 exercises without stopping in less than 15 minutes. If you need to rest your head during the series of 5 exercises when your head is up, keep working until you can do them all without needing to rest. This should keep you busy for a while. Keep thinking frequency is better than duration. Do the exercises each day rather than adding more reps. Feel virtuous all day long because you have done your 10-15 minutes of these exercises. This will help to motivate the habit.
        Welcome to the jungle LOL…

        • Ted13 4 weeks ago

          Hello! Are these for beginners? I am of slim build but not very fit. Thanks

          • Andrea Maida Author
            Andrea Maida 4 weeks ago

            Hi there –
            Thanks so much for your question. Yes, all of these exercises are appropriate for beginners. I was just like you describe yourself when I began Pilates with these very same exercises, slim but not super fit. And if you are brand new to Pilates, do these exercises frequently – maybe each day or every other day, whichever seems best for you. The more time you spend with just these 7 exercises the more information they will give you about your body. Thanks so much for watching and I hope you’ll share your successes or any future questions here with us. All best to you! xox

  3. Andrea Maida Author

    Oh no, not sure why that is…maybe try a different browser? or restart. You may have already tried this…

    • amanda harrington 6 years ago

      Hi Andrea, thank you I’m in chrome and still no joy, I’m in touch with Jack so hopefully I can get up and running soon.

  4. amanda harrington 6 years ago

    I can hear this clip but no picture on my tablet, help!

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