The Magnificent Seven

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Learn 7 exercises that you can do in less than 10 minutes a day to strengthen your core, increase your flexibility and build coordination in your body. Click HERE for a list that you can take with you when you can't watch this video. Check out our Exercise Lists & Sequences page for more lists of exercises! You can visit Andrea and follow her blog at: Pilates Andrea.  

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  1. praveena108 5 months ago

    thanks, andrea, for a great class and teaching style

  2. Andrea Maida Author

    Oh no, not sure why that is…maybe try a different browser? or restart. You may have already tried this…

    • amanda harrington 4 years ago

      Hi Andrea, thank you I’m in chrome and still no joy, I’m in touch with Jack so hopefully I can get up and running soon.

  3. amanda harrington 4 years ago

    I can hear this clip but no picture on my tablet, help!

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