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Have you always wanted to work with athletes? In this workshop, Alisa Wyatt teaches you to use your own intuition and skills of observation to work with athletes of all levels to maximize their potential.  Learn ways to reduce injuries, build a neuromuscular map and balance movements.  Your athletes will thank you for their increased endurance and dexterity, improved movement patterns and faster reaction time. Filmed at 2017 Texas Classical Pilates Conference.

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  1. EDSpilates 2 weeks ago

    This was great – especially as a newer teacher. I appreciate all the great information from you and the other participants in the workshop. Is there anyway I can access the handout you supplied the workshop attendees? Thank you.

  2. mattnelson93 2 weeks ago

    Absolutely fabulous Alisa!!! Everything you said at the beginning is so true about a warming up and also put yourself into some of the motions they do so beneficial to help them get stronger. I did exactly the same thing when l first got to Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas l needed to see what they did especially the straps and other acts. Even at that level and looking so amazing on stage everyone had weakness’s to strengthen. l sure wish l saw this back in 2007 some of the exercises l sure could of used especially the variations of swan with the mashing and the standing leg springs awesome. I did get to work with a few pro football players later, 2 played in the Super Bowl and since l played football also was so much fun helping them get stronger since l knew what they were going through, but the strength trainers they worked with well hate to say it caused them to get injured from muscle imbalances not the vicious contact that they go through. One had none contact ACL was out for the year, the other to much repeated heavy lifting and hurt shoulder. Wish l was around then to help them get back with the new information l got from this. Thank you!!

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi mattnelson93! Thank you so much, I’m delighted this resonated–it’s amazing to work with such finely tuned bodies isn’t it? And to discover that there is no body that can’t find more balance and strength with Pilates :).

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