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Several exercises in Pilates take place in four parts. Learn how knowing the four parts will help you teach them! Shari Berkowitz breaks down the Up Stretch, Long Back Stretch, Stomach Massage, Semi Circle amd Snake. You’ll notice how focusing on each part prevents the exercise from being muddied and rushed through without the proper connections. Visit Shari for teacher training, workshops and lessons at The Vertical Workshop. Our thanks to Shari’s student Roccio Cárceles and The Contrology Cohort in New York City where this was filmed.  

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  1. davidjsterry 3 weeks ago

    Absolutely fantastic content. I’m so grateful to have Shari on Pilatesology. Shari and Sonje Mayo are just wonderful. I had the same question on twist and great to see it’s already been queried and answered! 🙂

    • Alisa Wyatt

      So happy you’re enjoying Shari and Sonjé! Thanks for being here davidjsterry!

    • Author
      Shari Berkowitz 3 weeks ago

      I’m so glad that you viewed this and enjoyed! Thank you davidjsterry!
      All the best to you!
      – Shari

  2. Author
    Shari Berkowitz 2 months ago

    Hello, Pilatesgirlie!
    Thank you for checking out that video. Indeed, when I start the Twist, I start just like The Snake. Press the carriage out until you’re in the push up/plank position (an articulation of legs, pelvis and from the bottom to the top of the spine). Then the rotation starts at the foot/ankle first…rotate your supporting foot until it is parallel to the bar and flat on it, then rotate up through your leg, pelvis and spine (bottom to top). When you untwist…untwist from the top of the spine to bottom, then pelvis, legs and foot…all the while reaching back out to your pushup/plank position. Yes…back to being on the toes with the foot squared off.

    If you remind me, I’ll do a small video of it and post on YouTube and in my social media.
    IG: @theverticalworkshop
    FB: Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop

    Thank you so much for asking!
    – Shari

  3. Pilatesgirlie
    Pilatesgirlie 2 months ago

    Hello Shari. Thank you for the video. Interested in the foot placement in Snake. It made me wonder on your thoughts for the foot placement for Twist. Thank you.

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