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Jay begins this workshop by describing his own memories of the way that Joe Pilates taught beginners his method. He shares important insights on how to approach a first time client, what to include or leave out of a lesson, and how to continue on a path to success for that client's personal goals. While taking questions, he has teachers demonstrate what they do with beginners and offers advice on teaching technique and much more. Learn about working with Jay Grimes at www.VintagePilates.com. Our thanks go to Murat Berkin and his Classical Pilates Conference Istanbul where this was filmed.

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  1. JuliaHart 10 months ago

    Absolutely love these Jay workshops … love his no nonsense approach, humour and teacher/client relationship gems (all so true!). Wonderful and amazing to have access to this from my home!

  2. Obenaus
    Obenaus 2 years ago

    That was one of the best workshops especially for me! Thank you so much Jay! I almost watched every video with you at pilatesology. Your workshops are made for me ???????? Dankeschön! Greetings from Austria ????????

  3. suzy
    suzy 4 years ago


  4. whitelions
    whitelions 5 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant !! Yes since being accepted in THE WORK with Jay Grimes I have shut right up and just started to really see the body in front of me …….
    My newer clients are changing so much faster now and loving my eyes instead of hearing me all the time lololololol

  5. Dawn Connellan 5 years ago

    Great to hear how Joseph taught. Thanks for the insights.

  6. joesmat 5 years ago

    Being a Home Practice person I can readily relate to all that Jay spoke about here.
    Thank you Alisa for sharing this with us.
    P.S. Where is “Jack’s Flamingo Pose”!

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