Vintage Pilates Teachers Clubhouse w/ Sandy Shimoda

Teachers Clubhouse 8—Addressing Individual Needs on the Cadillac

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Teachers Clubhouse is an open workout and forum in which instructors from any Pilates background can learn and share. After the workout portion, this session focuses on the Cadillac and how to use it for an individual client's body needs. The students each choose an exercise that they feel they need for their own bodies and Sandy asks them to analyze the purpose of each exercise as well as determine what other exercises could serve the same purpose. Filmed at Vintage Pilates.

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  1. Wade Edwell 2 years ago

    Loved this Clubhouse. There’s so many great tidbits, not just in the workshop section at the end, but throughout the actual class too. I especially liked the discussion between Sandy and Suzanne about Spine Stretch on the Wunda Chair. Pilates isn’t simple, but it can be so much easier to understand what to get out of the body in an exercise when you can relate it to something on another apparatus. This shows how cohesive the system was under Joe.

    For me one thing I also love about the Caddy is that it provides a frame of reference for the body that is more tangible then anywhere else. In most exercises you can see the frame, at least in your periphery, and that helps us to make sense of how we’re moving in space.

    Thanks Master Shimoda!!

  2. First Its is always such a treat to watch Sandy teach. I love her constant emphasis on letting people move, letting them find their flow during their own workout and choosing what, when and how to encourage in the participants moving bodies these amazing principles, the 2 way stretch. the seat, the back, the curves of the spine, flow, rhythm and flow.

    Teaching is an art form and Sandy you are such a beautiful artist. Thank you to keep remind me about how far simplicity of clear, precise information with just the right dosage will get our clients and us teachers.

    Asking questions is a powerful tool and crucial at times, it make one realize how powerful are the benefits of certain Pilates exercises. I love in this video how Sandy reminds them by saying “now you know what you need to work on”, such a gentle reminder that practice and time will do the work. Exercises are simply the forms in which we move in order to find that “internal shower” that Joe talked about, a powerful essence that create change in a bodies over time.

    I also love watching Sandy mentioned by keeping the participants moving it will reveal what they really need to work on. Being reminded the necessity of understanding this simple concept of giving up a little in order to keep the flow, the heat, its never about being perfect and the key is to not over correct. Its only through movement that we can create change. The use of our hands can be as dynamic as our voice.

    I also loved hearing and being reminded teach your clients the same way you enjoy moving and get more juice out of each and every exercises by using “The Work”

    Last but not the least THANK YOU Sandy to remind us what Jay’s says, the Cadillac is filled of amazing exercises that helps us focus on the body in front of us, rebalancing strength and flexibility. The Cadillac has so many exercises we can choose from and its great place to choose what the body truly needs. What a gift!!


    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Noam – your words are eloquently expressed and articulate. Thank you for your kind observations of my work process…something that I hope to continue to fine tune with the help of beautiful movers like yourself.

  3. suzy
    suzy 4 years ago

    I just can’t stop watching all of Sandy’s work, I’m like literally addicted! I have a mixed teaching background my training was in Contempory but i worked with a guy who was classical, I was lucky enough to be given an apprentiship and job, more of a job, but the constant feedback and observation was so helpful , I learned a great deal about the classical method but since tuning into pilates-ology it’s given me a much deeper insight!
    So much so that, I’m now going to set my goal and this year study the classical method, I’m taking the “classical syllabus” with Mejo Wiggin and I’m lucky enough to live near to Barcelona, so will work also with Marian Tarín, who has completed the Work with Jay and Sandy,

    Iv realised Iv rambled on to much…..sorry!!!

    But my point is, Im blown away by the classical method! By how Sandy teachers and communicates with her voice and hands, she comes across as an incredible teacher and person, and that’s through the Internet, I can only imagine what it must feel like in Person. I hope one day I get to meet you Sandy! thank you for your brilliant tutorial videos, they have helped me so much and given me so much more to think about! X

    • Sandy Shimoda Author


      It is so nice to meet you over the Internet. Your enthusiasm is apparent and you are in good hands with Pilatesology and Marian and Miguel in Barcelona! Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to meeting you one day…

  4. fiona823
    fiona823 4 years ago

    I love the reminder to “let them move!” Sandy starts the clubhouse by walking around and observing; she lets everyone move and get warmed up. You’ve got to first see what’s going on in the body to be able to give helpful feedback. It’s helpful to see the other instructors, during the cadillac segment, choose specific exercises for each other. I loved the emphasis on using your voice and hands to get your client to move.

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Hi there Fiona,

      Tell me more about what you saw in the bodies, and what was interesting about the exercises that the teachers chose for each other. Are you practicing these ideas in your studio?

  5. Rebekka Schulze 5 years ago

    I loved the tips for teaching and how to “make” the clients move more freely. It was great to observe which exercises were picked to help to correct certain body conditions – and to review how many different exercises can be picked to work on the same problem. Thank you!

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Rebekka – Wasn’t Joe brilliant? We have so many tools to help our clients re-learn proper movement! I am never bored. More often, I have to control my excitement because there is only so much that can be done in one session. So – I just look forward to our next meeting!

  6. ladyjane 5 years ago

    Love the teachers clubhouse! Don’t over correct ,just let them move…… This is something I am trying to do is make my clients more independent and let them think more for themselves and I am seeing a difference. Thank You Sandy!

    • Sandy Shimoda Author

      Ladyjane – How very exciting! I am sure your clients are feeling a difference too. Well done.

  7. oh gwang-taek 5 years ago

    A good film showed. Thanks for!

  8. Sandy Shimoda Author

    Pilatesangel – Oh that is great news that you are enjoying being a part of our classes online! Thank you Pilatesology!!!

  9. pilatesangel 5 years ago

    Thanks for continuing to film these events. It always feels like I am right there and the value received is tremendous! When I strike it rich perhaps I will be able to fly across the country and fortunate enough to attend….until then, I love viewing online!

    • suzy
      suzy 4 years ago

      I feel the same! isn’t it great to have this!

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