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Did you know that extension of your spine should happen before you ever do a backbend? In this slow workout, you’ll trade speed for results to learn the basic but crucial movement of extending your spine (lengthening it) before you flex (round) or hyperextend (backbend). It’s a life skill that will save your spine from wear and tear, and give you the ability to enjoy freedom and flexibility in your spine whether you’re rolling like a ball or doing a backbend. Visit Victoria at Pilates on 66 in NYC.

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  1. Hesti 5 months ago

    Thank you for very clear instruction 🙂

  2. jdelich 6 months ago

    I really liked the subtle cues from Victoria and clear concise instruction. That’s great you can do a full workout on the spine corrector! Thank you Victoria!

  3. Lori Coleman-Brown
    Lori Coleman-Brown 6 months ago

    Victoria rocks the Spine Corrector! Thank you. The only good thing about quarantine is finding new Pilatesology classes.

  4. ewapilates
    ewapilates 2 years ago

    Dear Victoria:) Congrats on the new Baby:) You look just beautiful. Thanks for this calm, yet strong workout:) Bravo:):):)

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