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Zoë  teaches several variations on Short Spine Massage for different bodies. You’ll get tips for setting up the straps and how to know if your client is ready for the exercise (see attached list for reference). Then Zoë  shows how Romana taught the exercise to someone for the first time, and how to build more onto it as the client progresses. If you teach tight folks who can’t get into the straps easily or roll down, she shows variations that will make it easier to teach and you’ll get tips for your overly flexible people too. Visit Zoë for private lessons and teacher training in Pasadena, CA at Zoë: A Pilates Studio.    

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  1. Yasmin95 6 days ago

    Thank you! Very helpful indeed. I knew different variations of short spine but was never quite clear why. In this video it is explained and demonstrated so well in such a short time.

  2. Lien
    Lien 3 weeks ago

    Very well done, the short 10-minute observe & learns are a good method of gaining knowledge! Zoë teaches nice!

  3. Reb 3 weeks ago

    Great video!

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