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In this workout, Victoria shares her secrets for getting results on the Wunda Chair. Results mean building strength through hard work so you’ll move with slow control through gymnastic movements without using momentum, instead you’ll use your muscles. Enjoy! Visit Victoria at her studio Pilates66 on New York City’s Upper East Side.  

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  1. PelicanPilates 1 year ago


  2. precious74 1 year ago

    Outstanding !!!you are a Genius!

  3. aaronellis
    aaronellis 2 years ago

    This was incredibly helpful…great sequencing and clear cueing, can’t wait to get into the city to have a session in person!

  4. pilatesseason 2 years ago

    What a well thought through class. From beginning to end. Spectacular!

  5. Kalliopy Robertson 2 years ago

    Beautiful like it very much
    thank you

  6. onebodi 4 years ago

    Love your cues Victoria! Pulling the pedal or chair towards me really anchored my shoulder blades. Just loved this, thank you!

  7. Buxotic
    Buxotic 5 years ago

    SO good. Thanks Victoria, you’re a wonderful instructor 🙂

  8. pilates 5 years ago

    I have some clients who love to speed through things so will challenge them with some of your lovely cues!

  9. Jon Hawkins

    Fantastic class. I have been working on my extension without compressing my lower back to cheat it and in Swan it felt like the pedal just floated up and I was reaching longer and higher than before. Simple, concise cues that get results. thank you! I might not thank you tomorrow after that table top.

  10. Elegant, eloquent, precise, articulate cuing. It really deepened my experience working on the chair. Thank you!

  11. pilatesgal50 5 years ago

    Awesome cues! Thanks, Victoria. I really feel my backside!

  12. Kerry 5 years ago

    very helpful cuing! Thanks!!

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