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The 2nd class in this Reformer series adds more complex foot movement on Stomach Massage and twisting on Stomach Massage and Short Box. The whole workout goes at a faster pace, working the transitions you learned in Class #1. If you like working hard but have been away from your Reformer for a while, this is a great workout to remind you of proper alignment while still getting you sweaty.

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  1. Lannette
    Lannette 3 years ago

    I’m still loving this series. So much goodness in a short session.

  2. Karyn Smith 7 years ago

    Awesome class! Thanks!!!!

  3. pilates 7 years ago

    I am liking this series! Exercise selections and cuing, nice…

  4. May
    May 8 years ago

    Great workout- your cues are exactly what’s needed. Today I picked up on “climbing the tree as if you’re not using your hands.” It moved me to a different level- thank you!!

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