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Tackle these fun and challenging variations on the Teaser for a quick and killer workout that will simultaneously make you better at this tough exercise. Extra points if you tack this on to the end of an additional session! Our huge thanks go to Moses Urbano for the use of his beautiful Studio Mo in San Diego, CA where this session was filmed. Visit Jennifer at her website True Mind Media.

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  1. sghughes 5 years ago

    love your work! please tell me when you choose to have palms facing each other as in the second variation in this series..? thank you!

  2. Elizabeth Brown Meier
    Elizabeth Brown Meier 6 years ago

    Wow! Very challenging. Thank you so much. I will continue to practice to prefect my teaser.

  3. rshall 6 years ago

    Jennifer is the Master (mistress?)! Excellent instruction on executing these tough teasers.

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