Pilates Legs in 20

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Pilates legs are sexy because they don’t just look good, they feel great too. Do your body a favor and join Molly for this fast-paced workout without a lot of fuss, just some serious booty sculpting moves with the reward of feeling fabulous and moving with grace. Visit Molly at: http://mollynilesrenshaw.com/. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

What Others Are Saying


  1. AlyssaRylie 1 year ago

    This was an excellent series with great flow!

  2. MindyTaylor
    MindyTaylor 1 year ago

    Thanks Molly! All my favorite legs series.

  3. Silvia.o
    Silvia.o 1 year ago

    Super! Do more of these!

  4. ewa.ewa64 1 year ago

    Fantastic! To enable more glute/leg exercises I, personally, would cut down on the series of five and the saw; otherwise – perfect! I understand that timing is crucial here:)

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