Pilates in a Chair – Class 6 of 6

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By the end of this 6th class with Alisa Wyatt, you’ll be standing straighter! Today’s class works on flexibility in your hips, shoulders, neck, spine, hands, and ankles.  Your neuromuscular system will be challenged and you may feel more alert. This is a lifetime practice which can be revisited at any time! These exercises are also great for times when you’re stuck in a chair for a long period. If you’re feeling ready for what’s next, try our Pre-Pilates series or continue repeating your favorite classes in the chair. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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  1. marlene.weiner 3 months ago

    Is there a reason I can’t get the Pilates in a chair video’s to play.

    • Alisa Wyatt Author

      Hi Marlene, I’m sorry you’re having trouble — these are playing on my end, can you try closing out your browser window and see if that helps? You can write to me directly at alisa@pilatesology.com as well. Thanks!

  2. Molly Niles Renshaw
    Molly Niles Renshaw 4 months ago

    Love this series, Alisa! It’ll be perfect for my mom and MIL. Thx! xx

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