Pilates Hacks: Teaching the Roll Over Control Balance

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Join us for another one of Alycea's amazingly effective Pilates hacks! This time you'll find out how to make the Roll Over Control Balance much easier to teach and perform by maximizing your contact with the mat during the exercise. Filmed at Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates™, New York, NY.

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  1. soul_eil

    So it IS all in my head, lol ;)) Thanks Alycea.

  2. Jeri_McD 4 years ago

    Alycea, your cue to press the head into the mat is a new cue for me. I have said many times to my clients, ” Avoid using your head as a kick stand for your body, because it creates tension in the neck.” But what I realize is that pressing the head into the mat as part of the stabilizer muscles for exercises like control balance, also creates strength and length in those muscles, when done correctly. Interesting! Jeri

  3. florina.nero@hotmail.com.au 4 years ago

    Simple and so helpful many thanks.

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