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Physical therapist and Pilates teacher Sonjé Mayo asks the question, “How many times a day do you tell your clients to get their shoulders down?” Using clear graphic inserts, Sonjé offers you fresh imagery so you don’t repeat ineffective cues. Your clients with “tech neck” or forward head will love you for it! Sonje reviews the anatomy of the neck and shoulder, addresses common pathologies of these areas and suggestions for effective props to create optimal alignment and explains which Pilates exercises are appropriate for clients with these issues. For lessons, workshop requests, teacher training, and Schroth work, visit Sonjé Mayo at http://Sonjé Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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  1. Galassia
    Galassia 3 months ago

    Dear Sonjé,
    You have a magic ability to give clearness and sense to the most ardous information, to give true content to every single sentence you generously share, to infuse people with positive and confident energy, at least me 🙂
    I missed you this year in Palermo, I’m already looking forward meeting next year. As already asked by some collegue before, I’d feel honoured receiving the information of this precious workshop, if possible.
    A big warm thank you, Galassia

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonjé Mayo 2 months ago

      Dear Galassia, how beautifully you have phrased your appreciation….you have such wonderful command of the English language!
      I will email you the material and I am also looking forward to meeting you next year.
      Best regards,

  2. mariesoule 3 months ago

    What a fabulous class! Thank you so much. I hope to take your “common sense” viewpoint with me in every session!

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonjé Mayo 3 months ago

      Logic and common sense…..the best tools in the trade! Thank you for watching!!

  3. ekwok
    ekwok 3 months ago

    Thank you Sonjé. I like how you kept the technical aspects simple and added some great applications. Love your work! Elaine

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonjé Mayo 3 months ago

      Thank you Elaine for your good feedback. I always appreciate your input!

  4. cybernetics
    cybernetics 3 months ago

    Actually it’s the firts thing I bought together, with a high chair and a small barrel. Thank you Sonjé for your beautiful workshop and the tips.

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonjé Mayo 3 months ago

      Good for you!! I am so delighted that you found this informative.

  5. rbfarah 3 months ago

    This is a great workshop. Thank you.

    Can we have the related document?

  6. Julie Winters
    Julie Winters 3 months ago

    This was so great. Thank you!

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonjé Mayo 3 months ago

      Thank you Julie. I am pleased that you found this helpful.

  7. Yasmin95 3 months ago

    Such valuable information! Thank you.

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonjé Mayo 3 months ago

      Thank you for watching Yasmin!
      I tried to keep the technical part simple but it still has to be accurate so that you can refernce it one day.

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