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Join MeJo for a Pilates Wunda Chair workout that is all about finding your Powerhouse and using it until you practically float right off the pedal. Her cues make aligning your body properly a clear and simple task, while she guides you through a lesson in control, stability and length. She uses a Wunda Chair made by Gratz Pilates and describes her spring changes throughout. If you own a different type of chair, you can adjust your springs accordingly based on her descriptions. For MeJo’s teaching and workshop schedule, visit her at:

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  1. correpilatesyoga 5 months ago

    Love your teaching Mejo!!!

  2. precious74 9 months ago

    Amazing Mejo! really love your manner and teaching techniques!One of my favorite teacher in here.
    Love and Light from London

    • MeJo Wiggin Author

      Thank you so much!! I will be in London in February, feel free to join me! I will be at Everybody Pilates in Portsmouth (Feb 14-17) and then BePilates in Winsor. I hope to see you and thank you for your generous comment. xxoo

  3. Mary Henley 10 months ago

    That was brilliant! I for the first time really understand teaser and spine stretch forward on the chair now. Thank you!

  4. KJk 4 years ago

    Wow! I always loved the wunda chair, but love it even more now! Thank you Mejo for your amazing attention to the detail within bodies! This was wonderful and I plan to watch it over and over.

  5. Elizabeth Brown Meier

    Oh wow! Two of my favorite instructors in one place! Great workout!

  6. rshall 5 years ago

    Another great session with MeJo. Cuing on spine stretch forward was especially illuminating!

  7. AnnaDZullo 6 years ago

    Great session! really liked your paired down to the point cues. Beautiful!

  8. tanyapaty 7 years ago

    Thank you so much, Mejo. You make me excited to do Pilates and to teach it. SO many wonderful cues! We are often taught such rigid ways of approaching Pilates (all arm movements are on 1 middle spring, legs are on 1 high 1 low). I never agreed that a 95lb woman should be on the same springs as a 165lb man. So wonderful to experience Pilates ALIVE!

  9. Jay Grimes
    Jay Grimes 7 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant, Mejo! I learned so much from this video, and your clear, concise explanations. Andrea, now that I know what you can do – – – !

    • MeJo Wiggin Author
      MeJo Wiggin 7 years ago

      Thank you Jay!! The beautiful thing about this site is we can all learn from one another.

    • Andrea Maida
      Andrea Maida 7 years ago

      Thank you Jay! Oh yes, Mejo, I so loved this class – lucky me to be around for you to work your magic untwisting on 🙂

  10. Yarit Dor 7 years ago

    Definitely one of the greatest teaching videos MeJo!!! Inspiring. Thank you for your generosity!

    • MeJo Wiggin Author
      MeJo Wiggin 7 years ago

      Thank you Yarit. I’m so glad you got something out of it. MeJo

  11. KarenB
    KarenB 7 years ago

    Great cueing & detailed instruction on each exercise. I especially enjoyed the way that you addressed imbalances.

    • MeJo Wiggin Author
      MeJo Wiggin 7 years ago

      Thanks Karen I’m glad you enjoyed it. The wunda chair is a fabulous way to address imbalances. The beauty of this video is that I never taught Andrea before. Nothing was rehearsed and I just continued to teach and correct the body that was in front of me. SHE was amazing!

  12. mirandabass 7 years ago

    Great tips on how to really get the most out of some of the basic wundachair repertoire.
    I recommend Mejo to all my students and look forward to seeing her in England in September.

    • MeJo Wiggin Author
      MeJo Wiggin 7 years ago

      Thank you Miranda! It was wonderful to see you again in London. I’m glad you came and made it to the Wunda Chair Class that Pilatesology filmed. I’m sure it will be up real soon! xo

  13. arlene
    arlene 7 years ago

    Wow, compelling chair session!

  14. I really enjoyed watching Mejo teaching Andrea! Andrea, you move so beautifully as it is…With Mejo’s keen eye and wonderful hands on teaching I coud see a beautiful change in your body movement! Beautiful!!!!

    Thank you,
    Judy Fink

  15. Andrea Maida
    Andrea Maida 8 years ago

    Mejo, this was a wonderful class – I learned just as much watching the video as I did participating in the filming! OMG my chest was open and I was bending to the side! *gasp*
    Thank you so much – you have such a warm fuzzy demeanor that kicks your ass at the same time. Now I need to do this workout again as well 🙂

  16. Ynowak 8 years ago

    Loved all the single arm focus. Quick question…when teaching someone with a weaker side, I was taught to work the weaker side first, then the stronger side and then back to the weaker side again. Have you found it helps to work the weaker side twice, or is just once sufficient? Thank you.

  17. lghammerle

    That was a nice way to use the chair to work on an imbalance. Great workout Andrea and great teaching MeJo!

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