Magic Circle Workout with Kathryn Ross Nash

Magic Circle Insanity

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Take this class and you will do things with a magic circle between your ankles—and other body parts—that don’t seem humanly possible. Just when you think you can’t carry on any longer, Kathi adds twists and turns that make the pain fade away. Due to overwhelming demand for more of her magic, Kathi designed and named this class just for you Pilatesology members. Congratulations in advance to anyone who can make it through (wait, does that sound like a challenge?). For info on training with Kathi visit:


What Others Are Saying


  1. Daniela Vargas 2 years ago

    Thank you!! precise gruelling workout and you are so much fun to hear and follow….makes for an entertaining 50 minutes of torture.

  2. Geovannal 2 years ago

    wow you are great Kathy, I really enjoy this class and my student will enjoy too.

  3. Pilatessummer79
    Pilatessummer79 3 years ago

    Wowsa! Thank you…now where’s the t-shirt!! LOL

  4. Pilateswithsapphire 5 years ago

    That was so inspiring! I don’t teach mat anymore only reformer but I can’t wait to add the magic circle abs into the class!!!

  5. AHORRY 6 years ago

    you always manage to kill me Kathi, no matter how much I try!!! You are the best xxx

  6. Lennie Fenton 7 years ago

    Amazing! Can’t wait to try these with my clients! Thank you so much!

  7. Lauren Barforrd
    Lauren Barforrd 7 years ago

    Kathi, you’re amazing & so fun! Abs were burning! You’re a gem! Ms. Jaime White…gorgeous!

  8. Alessandra Magalhães 7 years ago

    Perfect … Love your classes!!!!!

  9. jennieh
    jennieh 7 years ago

    This will be my pre-Turkey and pumpkin pie workout! Thank you so much, Kathi!

    • lainey48 7 years ago

      Love you classes -Always invigorating, challenging, never boring!

  10. Debs 7 years ago

    brilliant thanks…..I’ve been teaching so much recently and only have time for mini workouts…. this was a session to take me right out of that lazy little comfort zone I got myself into.

  11. Martin 7 years ago

    Spectacular as always!!! I’ve been waiting for something like this. Dreams come true! Thanks Kathi, Alisa and Jack! I had so much fun! That mermaid was far nastier than I anticipated. Gonna be working on that one 😉

  12. Kathi, this is an amazing, creative, boosting, genius Magic circular workout! Enjoyed it a lot!!!

  13. Linda 7 years ago

    Awesome! “Insanity” is correct! Where do I pick up my t-shirt??
    Thanks, Kathi!

  14. joesmat 7 years ago

    Is there a piece of Apparatus that gives the body the same level of challenge as this MC practice?

  15. sheilamcgregor 7 years ago

    WOWZA!!! Super challenging – amazing workout! Thanks heaps Pilatesology and Kathi Ross-Nash.

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      Thank you ! Pushing the envelope changes the body!!!i am thrilled you like it. I feel great after this one!!!!

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