Pilates Ladder Barrel Variations w/ Dorothee Vandewalle

Ladder Barrel Part 5 Variations

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Variations on the Ladder Barrel - In the final Part of this Intermediate level workshop Dorothee Vandewalle answers questions and shows variations in exercises for different size bodies including the Backward Stretch over the barrel, Swan, Side Sit Ups, and Side Stretches. She shares the order of an advanced ending, another variation on Ballet Stretches and more. For information on Continued Education Workshops and complete Teacher Training with Dorothee Vandewalle visit Metropolitan Authentic Training.

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  1. Deborah Watson 6 years ago

    Thank you Dorothee for addressing the “relax” concept….it is something I teach everyday and explain to clients that “relax” is different for different bodies…ie a loose person’s relax will need to keep strong where a tight person’s relax will need to be loose. I also have found using the concept of “leaning” or using the apparatus has been helpful in teaching this concept.

    • I really like too how Dorothee explained “relaxed.” It is free of tension, but with proper alignment and natural support. Love the creativity with the apparatus to address a tall person to achieve the same goal.

  2. Ynowak 6 years ago

    Fantastic! I particularly enjoyed her explination of how to relax in a strong bodynwithoutnfalling apart.

  3. joesmat 6 years ago

    ALISA !
    Could I persuade you to offer the stretches that have been demonstrated in this LADDER BARREL series, but, on a mat without the Apparatus. Romana took the Reformer exercises to the mat, so why not the other Apparatus.

    The first few streches Dorothee demonstrated in the first few minutes are so important for opening up the thoracic spine and shoulders – Now take them to the made without Apparatus.

    Dorothee Vandewalle is a terrific Instructor. A privilege for all of you who were in attendance. You are the fortunate!

    • joesmat 6 years ago

      Please forgive the spelling error in the second paragraph.
      Should read- Now take them to the MAT without Apparatus.
      Excuse my exuberance!

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Colin your exuberance is always contagious! I’m so glad you enjoyed this workshop and I wish I could give you a way to do those first stretches on the mat but it is the magic of Joe Pilates’ barrel that makes the stretch work. On the mat, the closest equivalent is the Swan, Single Leg Kicks, Double Leg Kicks and Swimming exercises–movements that open and extend your spine. The reason Joe invented the barrels is that he recognized the benefit of having a curved surface for support to assist the body in opening up. I suppose you could always try stretching over furniture in your home to get a similar effect, I myself have been known to hang my upper body off the edge of a bed when I’m stuck in a hotel. Try it and see how it feels, don’t forget to keep your middle strong.

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