Joseph Pilates House and Studio in Becket, MA

Joseph Pilates Home in Becket MA

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Becket, Massachusetts is where Joe and Clara Pilates owned a summer home and in this exclusive footage, you'll discover a treasure trove of Pilates history. See the studio that Joe built, the tiny hunting shack they lived in, the gate (built by Joe) that fronts the property, the mysterious beginnings of more buildings and more. Sean Gallagher, the property's current owner, shares his story of how he came to purchase the property, details what he found there when he took possession, and what he intends to do with it in the future. Stay tuned for the 2nd part of this story which shows the original apparatus that was stored in the studio and don't miss our previous video about Joe's life in Becket: Joe Pilates at Jacob's Pillow. We are grateful to Sean Gallagher for opening the property to us, you can find him at Performing Arts Physical Therapy.

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  1. Reb 1 year ago

    Can’t wait to see the place restored! Will you be going back soon, Alisa?

  2. AHORRY 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Sean! Would love to see more!

  3. brooke
    brooke 4 years ago

    I’ve been pouring over all these videos of Sean again. It’s truly such a gift to have these archives, this history and that he’s generous enough to share. Thank you Sean, Alissa, and Jack for preserving this history through this film. I’m a mush ball anyway but I was crying when you were holding the old handle, how very special.
    Thanks again for sharing this with us.
    Brooke Frike

  4. That was so fun to watch!

  5. ScotPilates 4 years ago

    It was so cool being there with Sean in the summer of 2014. Walking around does give you such a feeling of history. cant waith to see what you wil present at the Isle of Man conference Sean.
    Thanks Alisa and Jack for bringing this to us and to Sean for sharing so openly.

  6. maureenkubicek 5 years ago

    very nice!!!

  7. Nicole Smith 5 years ago


  8. hojnikova
    hojnikova 5 years ago

    Very cool! Can’t wait to see more. tina

  9. Erica Van Stralen
    Erica Van Stralen 5 years ago

    Thank you all for this fantastic footage.

    I also liked your enthousiasm, Alisa! You were bouncing up and down when Sean was unlocking the studio, I could feel the excitement right through the screen into my living room!

  10. 5 years ago

    So interesting !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

  11. Buxotic
    Buxotic 5 years ago

    Such treasures to behold! Thanks for sharing. Just throwing this out there, but Sean, I’m sure many members of the Pilates community would gladly donate via a gofundme or kickstarter campaign to further renovate this fabulous space.

  12. Michelle Mulreaney 5 years ago

    Amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing this magnificent piece of history.

  13. joelcrosby

    What a wonderful treat to see all of this history. Thanks Sean, Alisa, and video crew for sharing this!

  14. 5 years ago

    I am fascinated !!!!!!! Thanks

  15. ladyjane 5 years ago

    Fascinating piece of history! Sean you should make it into a museum! What a wonderful retreat!
    Thank you for sharing.


    We are so lucky to have you. Thank you Sean and pilatesology for making this happen.

  17. Kerry 5 years ago

    So interesting, thanks so much for sharing!

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