15 Minute Pilates Mat Workout with Karen Frischmann

In a Hurry Mat with Karen Frischmann

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In a hurry? Jump in for a quick 15 minute mat with Karen. No props needed, just you and your focus because you’re only doing 1 repetition of each exercise. Stay for the optional standing arm work at the end if you’ve got a few minutes more. Boom. Visit Karen at www.KarenFrischmann.com.

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  1. ldavenport 3 years ago

    A favorite! Thank you. Better than nothing mat always works…..

  2. Loretta Morrison 3 years ago

    Thanks Karen that was great..can’t get up on my toes at the moment, but hopefully by October!

  3. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 3 years ago

    So ONEderful to see the rhythm of the Mat presented by all you fabulous women!

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