How to Spot with Cary: Short Spine & Rowing

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In this teaching tools series, Cary Regan, who began teaching alongside Romana in the 1970s, shares a myriad of hands on tips for the Short Spine Massage and Rowing. You’ll also get all of the variations Cary feels are valid for Short Spine including one that she uses for clients with back pain or disk injury. In the Rowing learn where to put your hands to automatically relax the shoulders, how to get the chest open and low back lifted and so much more. Visit Cary at Uptown Pilates in New York City.

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  1. pilatesangel 11 months ago

    Ahhhh my shoulders need you Cary! I could almost feel it through observation. Thank you for sharing this. My favorite part of Cary’s workshops are her stories and words of wisdom at the end. Reminders what we can give to those who trust us with their bodies. Love this.

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