Beginner Pilates Mat Class with Kathryn Ross Nash

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Begin your Pilates day with this gentle, yet effective workout that is designed to bring ease and length to the body while creating support in the center. If you’re already a fan of Kathi’s teaching, you’ll see a quiet, soft side of her as she shifts her energy to the needs of the class! PROPS: Kathi uses 2 pound hand weights, 1 or 3 pounds can be used as well. For info on training with Kathi visit:

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  1. Gily 3 years ago

    Just to clarify..when you say “wrap the bottom,” does that mean tighten the butt? And articulate the spine…roll down one vertebra at a time?

    I enjoyed this class! Thank you!

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      when legs are together- press your heels together- that is the wrap engagement. and articulate the spine is as you stated! hope this helps!

  2. Lannette
    Lannette 3 years ago

    Wow! Far from easy & so very beneficial! You get out what you put in though it feels like perhaps I got more – a bonus perhaps. 🙂

  3. Lynn Pringle 6 years ago

    Well I had no idea you could be so calm kathy! But I love it just as much as when you are like a Tornado. I truly believe we can use Pilates to facilitate what our bodies need each day, because it can really vary depending on what we are doing. As an instructor you hit the nail on the head, I need for my body to unwind from working with others all day long.
    Love you!

    • Kathi Ross Nash Author

      THANK YOU!! LOL i usually do things more “tornado” like because there are SOOOOO many other teachers out there teaching in a calm manner (not saying easy LOL). I love, just like you do, that we have so any options in one method to give the individual client what they need!!!
      YEAH!!! so happy yu enjoyed this!

  4. Suebelle
    Suebelle 7 years ago

    I agree with ladyjane! Basic work done at an advanced level. My arms are burning! xo

  5. kaily 8 years ago

    Just great! I love Your classes! By the way, I leave in Brazil, that’s why I sad I’ m so far away from US! How great must be a private class with you!!! Maybe in december I’ll be in US.

  6. ladyjane 8 years ago

    What is it they say……..Nice to see basic done at an advanced level. Well done guys! Very nice!

  7. lghammerle

    I loved this workout!

  8. You are the best Kathi! Roll on July 😉 hugs from Ibiza

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