Foot Corrector Workshop with Jay

Foot Corrector Workshop with Jay (with Turkish Translation)

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Spend the next 15 minutes watching Jay in action teaching a group of teachers about the Foot Corrector. This workshop took place in Istanbul and many of his students had never used a traditional Pilates Foot Corrector so this is a great example of how to teach it to beginners. You'll get a complete series you can teach to your clients today as well as a wealth of tips about how to use it correctly. Visit Jay at Our thanks go to Murat Berkin and his Classical Pilates Conference Istanbul where this was filmed.

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  1. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    Thanks Jay, you always bring light to my life! THANKS YOU! ALL ALL XXX

  2. Anna Zini 3 years ago

    I love Jay theaching every exercise. He is very clear, simply, expecialy for foot corrector. THANK you Jay

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