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Join Lori for an advanced Reformer with a fun finish: a Handstand on the Large Barrel (try it against a wall if you don't have a barrel). Lori flows through portions of the workout and then slows down to offer tips on key difficult exercises like the Swan on Reformer, Pull Straps, Stomach Massage and more. There's also fascinating information here for shoulders that tense up and work improperly; using her student Shelley as her example Lori shows how to get the arms to work better. If you're working out with Lori and Shelley, you'll need to know your own spring settings as Lori focuses more on what you're working for in each exercise than the details of how to set up the apparatus. Enjoy! Visit Lori at Atlas Pilates in Seattle, Washington where this class was filmed.

What Others Are Saying


  1. mirandabass 1 year ago

    Dear Lori.
    I have been teaching in England for 30 years and I still learn so much from you. I love the way you deal with the body you are teaching and your calm, gentle manner in correcting and how you explain body movement. I will do my utmost to come and train with you one day. Thank you.

  2. presspaws

    Really liked the cues about the stomach muscles fanning for the short box series, thank you.

  3. ladyjane 7 years ago

    Great class Lori,with great tips! As Romana always said”don’t just teach pilates, you teach the body in front of you” I loved what you did with Shelley in the swan and breast stoke . Lovely ending. Thank you.

    • Lori Coleman-Brown
      Lori Coleman-Brown 7 years ago

      Hi Jane. Glad you liked it. I hear Romana too. “Teach less and make it more important”

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