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Discover the details that will change your body and your practice. Clare takes you through this slowly-paced workout with an emphasis on improving your form. Let her cues guide you to a new way of moving, you'll notice the difference when you are finished! Visit Clare at Progressive Bodyworks and explore her new program for studio owner Pilates Avatar.

What Others Are Saying


  1. mayafusako 4 years ago

    Silly question…what color is your reformer upholstery?!

  2. DKimbro 5 years ago

    I learn something new every time! Thank you Clare Dunphy Hermani and thank you, Pilatesology!

  3. Jogo149 5 years ago

    That is an wonderful collaboration between teacher and student.

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

      Thanks for your comment….I love how you say “collaboration between teacher and student” since that’s where the juicy stuff happens.

  4. tanyapaty 5 years ago

    Amazing! I thought I had been practicing and teaching the 2-way stretch in these exercises but you have brought me to a whole new level. What a gift to be able to learn from such talented teachers right in my living room.
    Nichole, beautiful! What a great student. So wonderful to see you make the changes in your body as Clare works with you 🙂
    There is no other way I could get the quality and abundance of continuing education as I do here. Pilatesology, you truly perform an amazing service.
    Thank you!

    • Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

      Hey Tanya,
      Thanks for spending time with us in your living room! Pilatesology is an amazing resource and I am both grateful for the opportunity to share my understanding of the work and to help bring Pilates to life for YOU!
      I appreciate you taking the time to chime in, it means a lot to connect.

  5. Jon Hawkins

    Always great to brush up on the basics.

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