Daily Pilates for Low Back Care

Daily Pilates for Low Back Care

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Is your low back constantly sore due to a weak core? Join Tiziana for a daily session aimed at low back care. You’ll practice safe and simple movements that will equalize the strength in your hips, core and back while creating a stable and deep strength in your core. If you have a Reformer, you can combine this class with Tiziana’s Daily Reformer for Low Back Care. Visit Tiziana at: Trovati Pilates Works.  Filmed at Pilatesology Studio in Hermosa Beach.  

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  1. LynH 1 year ago

    This is a great class. I really appreciate the specific classes for those of us with back pain, but one that still gives you a workout (rather than feeling just super remedial). I also like that this class incorporates a little stretching which many of the other videos lack.

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