Pilates Clare Dunphy Hemani Ladder Barrel

Chisel Your Middle with Clare

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Jump on your Ladder Barrel for the quick series that Clare does to warm up before dance class. Balancing on top of the barrel is a challenge to your balance that really turns on your core and it’s also super fun! Visit Clare at Progressive Bodyworks and explore her program for studio owners: Pilates Avatar.

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  1. amandaclose 11 months ago

    Loved it! Thank you.

  2. Sheckie71 2 years ago

    This is one of my faves! ????

  3. Elizabeth Brown Meier

    Well East coast girls are hip, (but use your abds and the back of your legs)????
    I really dig those styles they wear!
    Loved it Clare, thank you!

  4. Clare Dunphy Hemani Author

    Thanks! Let me know how your clients like this sequence! -Clare

  5. Atorrespilates 3 years ago

    Wonderful sequence!! Thank you!

  6. Dolores Coeck 3 years ago

    Thank you! I love it!

  7. loremiller
    loremiller 3 years ago

    Very cool Clair! love the sequence

  8. susan h lawrence
    susan h lawrence 3 years ago

    Thank you for smiling, Sandy, so we think it is easy! Great little routine with consistent reminders that make teaching it much more easy than doing it.

  9. Tracy Sue Du Plessis 3 years ago

    That was great, thank you!!!!

  10. Carolyne_Ergin

    like always!

  11. Jogo149 3 years ago

    So great! I loved the progression in the swan to get people out of their lower back. Those east coast women have got it going on ????

  12. ewapilates
    ewapilates 3 years ago

    Love it:)

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