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Case Study: First Time Reformer & Mat

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Kara takes Ramji through his first class ever, teaching him how to set up his reformer, how to work evenly to fix his problem knee and ankle and how to take the knowledge he gains in his session into real life. Kara slightly adjusts the session to care for Ramji's particular issues without letting the issues take over. This is the way that Joe Pilates worked--instead of considering a body 'injured,' the instructor works around the injury, and aims to give the body what it needs to heal itself. This class was filmed at Kara Wily Pilates in Los Angeles.

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  1. CarolineCoetzee 3 years ago

    Enjoyed watching thank you! Just quick question, after short box you kept the block in the track. was intentional or should it have come out before moving onto to knee stretches?

  2. Kate Burdett
    Kate Burdett 3 years ago

    I really liked watching this session. The only thing was the constant use of the word ‘good’ after every word 🙁 drove me mad. But was nice to watch the session

    • Kara Wily Author
      Kara Wily 3 years ago

      Kate- I totally agree! It will help me in future classes. I appreciate the feedback.

  3. BoniCT 4 years ago

    This is real life. nice job .

    • Kara Wily
      Kara Wily 4 years ago


      Glad you liked it. Always impressive to go back to the beginning and learn how hard those first exercises are, but they form such a good skeleton for the rest of the practice. Glad you enjoyed.

  4. Tulsa King 6 years ago

    This is such an informative class. Even without the ankle / knee issues Ramji shows, he moves in the same way as many other new students. I really like the introduction to the movements so it wasn’t overwhelming or too difficult. Great to see Ramji doing Pilates to help his injuries and hope he found how beneficial these exercises are.

    • Kara Wily
      Kara Wily 6 years ago

      Thanks, Tulsa! It is tough to hold back with new clients, you want them to be able to learn so much. I remember Romana always regarding a new exercise as a treat for the clients who performed all the other exercises well. That is the trick, it to get the client to be “hungry” for it in the same way.

    MARYLYON 8 years ago

    Very well taught. Beginners are so much more challenging than experienced clients. Noticed doing the stomach massage without the flex is an excellent way to introduce this movement and the 100’s without lifting the legs. Loved it. Also, can use these ideas for my heavier clients. Would love to see suggestions on working with very heavy clients.
    thanks again Mary

  6. Kara Wily
    Kara Wily 9 years ago

    Glad you guys liked it. Pilates instructors love their clients too! BTW, Ramji’s ankle started getting better very quickly.

  7. arlene

    Firm, patient, and encouraging instruction. And great job Ramji!!

  8. DKimbro 9 years ago

    I love Pilates Teachers!!! Great work.

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