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If you or your clients struggle to get past just the basics in Pilates, this session is for you! Victoria shows how the Pedi-Pole can highlight the small imbalances in your body that are preventing you from progressing to the next level. For example if you have trouble doing the Tree on the Reformer, you’ll learn why your pelvis might be the culprit because the pole doesn’t lie, it tells you directly when you’re crooked. Victoria will show you how to get straight! Visit Victoria at Pilates on 66.

What Others Are Saying


  1. This was great! Our new Pedi-Pole just arrived and this was a wonderful refresher! Victoria has such a wonderful delivery and nice teaching style I am going to try to get into the city to take some sessions with her! Really enjoyed this. Watched once to observe and learn, and will do it again following along. So fun! Loved the information about swapping out arm chair springs for certain clients. Very useful.

  2. erinmohr 3 years ago

    I love this class! I have a very European problem where my floor is not straight, so depending on where I place the Pedi pole, it makes the exercise much harder. Fortunately it’s easy to move!

  3. Mary
    Mary 3 years ago

    Question: I know this is different for different manufacturers, but I believe this is a Gratz pedipole and my question pertains to Gratz apparatus.
    Victoria’s springs – arm chair v pedipole seem the same length, and she demonstrates subbing out. My baby chair springs are approximately 2.5 inches shorter than the pedipole ones so if subbing out would be much higher – I think too high for a shorter client. Curious if anyone else has noticed the differential spring length for these two pieces of apparatus.

  4. Great. Thank you Victoria.

  5. Kpatallas 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed this class and the detailed explanations! Thank you.

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