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Ready for some serious body sculpting? Grab a set of light hand weights and leg weights and join Niedra and her student Diana for this fun and strengthening session! Visit Niedra at her website:

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  1. Alisa Wyatt

    Niedra I totally enjoyed doing this quick class as my morning warmup, the legs weights especially feel so fantastic. I’m inspired to keep them out and do more! xoxo

  2. kalliopy 4 years ago

    Like it
    Thank you

  3. Georgina Quail
    Georgina Quail 6 years ago

    thank you Niedra I always love your classes!

  4. Niedra Gabriel Author
    Niedra Gabriel 6 years ago

    What a good question! I actually do not know the answer to this. I learned the arm weight series from Romana years ago, so I suspect she used to do them when she worked with Joe – but, I really do not know if there is any documented evidence regarding this. In my experience, these exercises are sufficiently challenging and detailed that most woman enjoy the light weights – Men? depends on the man and how much weight he likes to do.

    • joesmat 6 years ago

      Dear Niedra:
      Thank you for your reply to my enquiry.

  5. joesmat 6 years ago

    Have we got any documented evidence that Joseph Pilates used the so called ARM WEIGHT SERIES OF EXERCISES in his studio, and likewise, did Mr Pilates recommenmd 1lb – 2lb hand weights?
    Thank you.

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