Pilates Full Studio Classical Workout in Koren

클래식 필라테스 / 박사 원정희 Classical Pilates Workout in Korean

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리 포머 필라테스 기구에서 시작하여 캐딜락 필라테스 기구에서 마치는 클래식 필라테스 운동을 미국에서 활동하고 있는 원정희 선생님과 함께 즐겨보십시요. 이 클래식 필라테스 운동은 강하고 슬림한 복근과 팔, 다리를 탄력 있게 가꾸어주며 바른자세 교정으로 인하여 키가 더 훨씬 커 보이는 효과로 이미 잘 알려져 있는 전신 운동 입니다.  이 동영상은 원정희 선생님이 계시는 미국 뉴저지 에지워터 캔두 피트니스 클럽 (Can Do Fitness, Edgewater, NJ) 의 클래식 필라테스 스튜디오에서 찍은 것입니다. Join Junghee for a Pilates workout that starts on the Reformer and ends with classical exercises on the Cadillac. This is a full body workout that will sculpt your abs, legs and arms while correcting posture to make you look taller. Filmed at Can Do Fitness, Edgewater, NJ.

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  1. dwhannah 7 years ago

    Not knowing any Korean before watching this I still got a better understanding of the cues my extraordinary teacher, Heather Fossum, has been giving me in English. Somehow every word Junghee said not only made perfect sense, but deepened my understanding of the exercises and let me see my own progression in this wonderful method. I think I will watch it over until I know the language enough to hear Junghee’s cues when I am practising on my own. A deep knowledge comes through in her teaching, and that is something I’m sure Joseph Pilates knew was independent from words.

    I would love to see more classes in different languages, so we can see that Pilates is truly a universal ‘language’.

    • Alisa Wyatt

      What a fantastic comment to find in our inbox! It seems that watching a class in a different language can add even more understanding–your brain has to work twice as hard and that means growth. We adore Junghee and plan to bring many more classes in Korean with her as well as classes in Portuguese (coming this week!), more in Spanish and additional languages soon. Thank you for writing!

      • dwhannah 7 years ago

        You are so welcome, Alisa. What you have given via this site is immeasurable.

  2. soul_eil

    Hi Junghee, I know by the end of this I was understanding Korean ;)) I learned lots of hands on cuing watching this….Great class for instructors! Thank you.

  3. ladyjane 8 years ago

    Great session! Great pace and great cues Junghee. It was a pleasure to watch such great teaching. Your student has learned very well:))

    • Junghee Won Author
      Junghee Won 8 years ago

      Thank you so much ladyjane. Do you know Korean? Well, it doesn’t matter if you are a Pilates teacher or long time Pilates practiced person, you must understand this class even it’s in Korean. Thank you for watching this class!!!

  4. superb. I learned so much from this even though I speak no Korean at all. Is it possible to find out what was said in the introduction, was there something said about an injury? Junghee, how long have you been working with this person? In any case, I got so much information just by watching the touch cues and physical manipulation (for lack of a better term)

    • Junghee Won Author
      Junghee Won 8 years ago

      Hello Jamescrane33, thank you so much your wonderful comment. I introduced about my real client who is very healthy normal body without any injury and around age 40 in this video. She doesn’t have any Pilates experience before and has done Pilates only 24 private sessions once a week with me. Her improvement is fast and actually, she is more advanced than this video you see. Without any movement background, she has very good form and body awareness. I put my hands on a lot with beginners and introducing new exercises which is most powerful tool for teaching in the beginning time, I believe. It works really well for me. Clients can feel their body through my hands direction and it’s safe for them. Because of filming, I thought my client could be nervous, so I used my hand touching a lot so she feels normal and safe during the filming. Any thoughts and questions? I love to answer always. Comments are very helpful for my studying! Thank you. :))

      • Thank you Junghee, this is the information I wanted to know. I can see that extra hands on can be helpful to show the beginner what the exercises should feel like, and I can see that you’re able do it in a very comforting way. It’s inspiring to watch how easily you move her through the exercises and see how you know exactly when/where/how much help to give, the timing is especially impressive. I am a new teacher (just over one year), and I’m working to try to figure out how to get better at this, this is very helpful to watch.

        • Junghee Won Author
          Junghee Won 8 years ago

          Thanks again Jamescrane33! Touching will improve when you have more and more experience and you will improve more and more to see when and where you should touch … You are already a wonderful teacher with your mind set – trying to learn… I’m trying to not to be a lazy teacher. 🙂

  5. joesmat 8 years ago

    Would love to see more this Instructor in English. In Peter Fiasca’s mat DVD Junghee does the most outstanding example of a TEASER 4 you will ever seen performed.

  6. mlmllm68 8 years ago

    First of all Thank you for all the wonderful classes. It is possibile to watch the same in english ? M

    • Alisa Wyatt

      Hi, thank you for asking. We have just taped several new classes with Junghee teaching in English so look those sometime next month. This particular class will probably not be translated into English but we will definitely have many more like it from Junghee.

    • Junghee Won Author
      Junghee Won 8 years ago

      Thank you for being interested in this video, mlmllm68. My classes in English will be posted more. Not this video though. Thanks again.

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