Fitness Should Be About The Feeling, Not Aesthetic

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How often have you heard these phrases? :

“No pain, no gain”
“The more sweat, the better the workout”
“Don’t stop when it hurts, stop when you’re done”

Statements like these and the ‘No Pain No Gain’ mentality are not only dangerous, but they are also completely untrue!

Physical fitness should be more about the feeling you get from your workout, rather than striving for a certain aesthetic.

At Pilatesology, we want our members to feel strong, empowered, and have that amazing post-Pilates tingly feeling of your body saying aaahhhh. 🧘🏻‍♀️

So, why aren’t you covered in sweat and panting after every class?

Every move is mindful & controlled and as you move with intention and develop consistency, you’ll start to see stronger muscles and a deeper connection to the movement.

You don’t need to have your heart-rate spiked or be dripping in sweat to get the results you want and feel amazing.

As you build your Pilates practice, you’ll notice changes in your body that allow you to do the moves with more grace and ease – that’s the Pilates magic at work.

So next time you hear a fitness myth, remember that slow and steady is just as effective (if not more) as heart-pumping.

Let’s debunk further & dive into Zone 2 heart rate training. 🤓⚡️

There are five different heart rate zones (1-5) and Zone 2 (light intensity) is where Pilates typically lands, unless you’re taking one of our amazing Cardio Pilates classes!

Zone 2 is essential because it improves general endurance & metabolic fitness so the body will get better at burning fat, improve flexibility, and so much more.

If you or your clients are looking to improve overall fitness, endurance, and generally live longer with fewer health problems, you need Zone 2 training (and Pilates) in your life!

So even though you may not be hitting maximum effort, you’re taking care of your body in the long-run, which is where the Pilates magic happens. 💫

Let’s nourish your mind, body & soul right now! Marina’s Morning Joy class in her Pilates for Mental Health series is the perfect combo of sweaty & calming. Enjoy 🥰


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