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Victoria Torrie-Capan is the owner and manager of Pilates on 66, a boutique Pilates studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. As an experienced teacher in the competitive landscape of New York City, Victoria has built a diverse client base that is the foundation of her business. Dedicated to the growth of its teachers, Pilates on 66 is a sustainable business which elevates the education and professionalism of the Pilates teacher. Victoria began studying Pilates in 2002 at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. She completed her BA with extensive coursework incorporating Dance Therapy, Psychology, Anatomy and Kinesiology. Victoria furthered her Pilates training apprenticing at Drago’s gym under Romana Krysanowska with Sari Mejia Santos and Pure Joe Pilates with Michael Rooks. Completing her certification through Romana’s Pilates in 2005, Victoria envisioned an opportunity to help educate the entire individual in movement through the Pilates system. Victoria guides her clients in building movement strategies and tools to help achieve their athletic goals. Systematically she develops specific movement patterns educating the body through the various environments of Pilates apparatus. Understanding how to address the limitations of the body, Victoria helps her clients create movement skills which can be practically applied to everyday lives. Victoria is able to prioritize her clients’ goals and organize their session to gain the most benefit from the Pilates system. Victoria’s delivery of the Pilates system through an effective combination of strong cues and client-specific adjustments, empowers each individual to achieve their unique goals. As a teacher on Pilatesology she builds workouts that help Pilates enthusiasts progress and promote independence outside the studio. Client reviews on Victoria’s Pilatesology workouts: “Victoria, I love your teaching style! The way you explain concepts, everything becomes so crystal-clear and logical … Now I really have the missing link to progress my Clients with their push-ups! Thank you!” “Loved how each exercise connected to next making such a cohesive routine. Helpful and spot on cues tied it all together. Simple, efficient, and brilliant as always!”


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Pilates on 66
50 E. 66th. St Std A
New York, New York 10065
United States


Pilates Education: Romana's Pilates

Equipment: Gratz

Years of Experience: 10

Languages Spoken: English

I have been a member since: 2012