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A Los Angeles native with a deep belief in movement as a form of healing, Marina has been bringing people together through exercise since 2012. A former competitive gymnast, she was drawn to Pilates for the feelings of strength, mobility, focus, and joy that it gave her. Marina completed her 500 hour comprehensive Pilates certification in 2012 with Jill Cassady of Pilates Technique. Additionally in 2015-2016, Marina completed a certificate in the Complete Pilates Method with Chris Robinson, under whom she trained as a mentee for years. By continuously expanding her own education, through her own weekly sessions, she’s able to connect deeply with her Pilates clients to better understand and address their needs. Her love of teaching and her desire to share the benefits of movement with more people inspired her to create Katch a Vibe. Katch a Vibe includes Marina’s Gratz home studio, an Interactive Program, and curated wellness events. She believes that an active lifestyle is the key to a healthy mindset — by empowering her clients to complete challenging workouts and achieve personal goals, Marina helps people reach the best versions of themselves. Beyond teaching Pilates, Marina is passionate about building community and charitable giving, which initially led to the launch of Katch a Vibe in 2018. She has a natural affinity for curating local businesses, encouraging education around worthy causes, and connecting people around exercise in a really casual, fun, event setting. When Marina isn’t in the studio, you can catch her with her fur child Gordo, traveling the world, and exploring all of Los Angeles for the best food spots!


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