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ELENA originally from Rome , Italy has always been a fitness enthusiast her whole life and now she inspire the others to live a more active life. As an amateur golf player she discover Pilates thanks to her Golf Teacher who indicated pilates as the best fitness conditioning system to improves flexibility, muscular control, coordination, alignment, balance ,posture and better physical and mental control thanks to the method that teach mind and body connection so important to improuve golf game “Pilates is all about healing a body through movement,” A strong body improves the mind. And, the improved mind was believed in turn to improve the physical body She practiced Classical Pilates intensively for several years in Rome , before deciding to become an instructor, she was selected and accepted into the Romana’s Pilates teachers training program. Her passion for the Classic Pilates Method prompted her to dedicate two years of intensive training and complete her certification as Romana's Pilates teacher During the training period she understands first-hand the challenges and rewards of finding the time and energy for fitness in a busy professional life. she finds the pilates studio a natural environment, but continues to balance her time between the business in corporate world with the physical. This is reflected in her teaching style, which is informed by her business training and her passion for the classical Pilates method. After having worked for more then 24 years in organize corporate events worldwide she left her job to spread her passion for Pilates. She decided to study more deeply the application s of pilates method in Golf fitness conditioning and join the TITLEIST PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE to get the TPI certification as GOLF FITNESS INSTRUCTOR PROGRAM education course designed to teach how to identify and overcome any physical restrictions that are limiting the golfer potential. The training course features the latest in golf-specific health and fitness, from golf swing biomechanics, to physical screening techniques, to exercise prescriptions, to the most recent research and development in the field of golf swing analysis. she was certified with Lance Gill and Denis Mc Dade She continues to attend classes, workshops and worldwide conferences in order to bring her clients the finest instruction possible. attention to detail and understanding of how movement and bodies work gives her great insight for teaching Pilates. She thoroughly enjoys helping her clients continue to discover all that Pilates has to offer the mind, body and spirit! She has been fortunate to study under many incredible world-renowned Intructors of second generation , including : Jay Grimes , Kathryn Ross Nash, Mejo Wiggins, Dorotee Wandervalle , Peter Fiasca , Sandy Shimoda, Karen Fishermann, Shari Berkowitch, Trish Garland, Xavier Perez Pond, Lory Colemann Brown and Andrea Maida. She has the privileged to study with MeJo Wiggin in The Classical Syllabus . The most valuable workshop to deeply understand the method as created . Elena è stata un appassionata di fitness per tutta la vita ed ora è lei ispirare gli altri a vivere una vita più attiva. Come giocatrice di golf scopre il Pilates come il miglior sistema di preparazione atletica per migliorare la propria performance golfistica e recuperare: maggiore flessibilità, il controllo muscolare, la coordinazione, l'allineamento, l'equilibrio, la postura, un migliore controllo fisico e mentale grazie al metodo. Ha praticato Pilates intensamente per diversi anni prima di decidere di diventare un istruttore, è stata selezionata e accettata nel programma di formazione degli Istruttori della Romana's pilates, scuola di Romana Kryzanowska, Si certifica presso la Titleist Performance Institute con Lance Gill and Danis Mc Dade come Golf Fitness Instructor Level I http://www.mytpi.com/experts/ripaele@gmail.com Di seguito si certifica seguendo il corso di formazione del Pink Ribbon Program per diventare professionista nel campo della riabilitazione Post chirurgica delle donne operate di cancro al seno. Il Pink Ribbon Program è un'associazione no profit riconosciuta a livello mondiale senza scopo di lucro , con finalità didattiche e scientifiche , creata da Doreen Puglisi istruttrice pilates che ha trasformato la sua, prima professionale , poi personale , esperienza nella lotta contro il cancro al seno in un programma di riabilitazione post chirurgica di successo. www.pinkribbonprogram.com/instructor finder Per approfondire l'applicazione del metodo Pilates ha completato il corso di specializzazione per Istruttori già certificati nel metodo classico The Classical Syllabus di MeJo Wiggin Oltre numerosi SEMINARI nell'applicazione del metodo pilates per: PILATES E POSTURA APPLICAZIONE DEL METODO PILATES NELLA LOMBALGIA PILATES E SCOLIOSI PILATES E RIABILITAZIONE DEL GINOCCHIO E ANCA PILATES IN GRAVIDANZA E POST PILATES FOR MAN PINK RIBBON PROGRAM INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND WORKSHOP CLASSICAL CONVENTION LONDRA 2012 ROMANA'S PILATES CONFERENCE NIZZA SHARI BERKOVICH GENEVA MEJO WIGGIN WORKSHOP FORUM 2011 KATHY ROSS NASH , DOROTEE WANDERVALLE, PETER FIASCA WORKSHOP 2012 CLASSICAL CONVENTION LONDRA 2013 THE CLASSICAL SYLLABUS A UNIQUE CPE SERIES FOR TEACHING THE CLASSICAL PILATES METHOD E inoltre ha il piacere di studiare e interagire con numerosi incredibili Istruttori riconosciuti a livello Internazionale del calibro di : MeJo Wiggin, Jay Grimes Kathy Ross Nash, Mejo,Sari Mejia Santo, Dorotee Wandervalle, Peter Fiasca, Sandy Shimoda, Karen Fishermann ,Trish Garland, Xavier Perez Pond, Andrea Maida, Lory Colemann Brown.


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NEW YORK PILATES STUDIO Piazzale Clodio , 14
ROME 00195



Pilates Education: Romana\'s Pilates Instructor level V (2012) Titleist Performance Institute (2012) Pink Ribbon Program (2014) The Classical Syllabus MeJo Wiggin (2016)

Equipment: Gratz Pilates

Years of Experience: 5 years

Languages Spoken: Italian an - English - French-

I have been a member since: 2012