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I found classical Pilates after over 10 years of sharing the contemporary method. The classical work has so much purpose, intensity and provides a synergistic cohesive understanding of why the method is the method and why the entire apparatus is used to progress the student. Progressing clients through the system, helps them build confidence, strength and success. They can gauge their improvements when they repeat then add and so on. Our clients are dedicated and get results. Our mission is to dispel the common misconception that this is a random workout designed for the wife/girlfriend, the dancer or the uber flexible. We feature Joseph Pilates' imagery prominently in studio to educate that this method created by a man, was intended to build vigorous full body physical strength, endurance and will enhance quality of life through mobility. The result is a fluid, healthy body that functions exceptionally. All curious are welcome here. You will feel supported and empowered from the moment you step through the door at SPARK. As a compliment modality offered at Spark, trigger point fascial release therapy can be combined with Pilates and since all sessions are private: they are designed with the individual's specific needs.


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Spark Pilates
102-66 Portland St
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2M6


Pilates Education: Equinox Pilates Training Institute and Stott Pilates

Equipment: Pilates Designs

Years of Experience: 17 years

Languages Spoken: English