Christiane Gilles

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I started ballet dancing at the age of 3, unfortunately never become a prof because of an injury. This was the day, I switched over to my second passion - horse riding . Well, I never forgot about dancing, but my life went along with studies, work, traveling a lot, marriage and finally giving birth to 3 beautiful boys. This was the time I went back to semi professional dancing workshops , popping in my first pilates session. It changed my life. I restart studying and got my diploma in physiology, anatomy, health, sports, wellness and nutrition before continuing with my pilates education. This never ending process of learning, feeling understanding. In your own body first- before being able to communicate it to your clients. I came all the way from contemporary to classical pilates. learn- relearn- feel what seems right for you. Its a passion, you want to share and everybody who is slightly interested in their bodies should participate. I really love what I'm doing!!!


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Oberkasseler Str. 74-76
duesseldorf 40545


Pilates Education: diploma in Sports an wellness training, IST Pilates mat and Polestar reformer education, continued learning with Brett Howard, Tom Mc Cook, Cara Reeser, Sandy Shimoda, Kevin Bowen, Karen Klippinger Madeline Black,Portia Page, Alan Herdman

Equipment: BB Allegro2 Reformer, Peak Reformer, Basil Classical Reformer,BB Exo chair, spine corrector, Basil foot corrector

Years of Experience: 10

Languages Spoken: german - english