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I was a very active athlete throughout my youth and continued with my favorite sport, cheerleading, into college both as a participant and as a coach. By the end of my college career when I was no longer involved in sports daily, I found myself feeling as though I was missing something in my life. This is when I first found my passion for fitness and specifically Pilates mat. I began taking group fitness classes several times a week and even taught them briefly before graduating. After completing my B.S. in Education I also completed group fitness instructor training through L.A. Fitness. Once I began working as a full-time teacher I fell away from my dedication to fitness. However, I also have moderate S-curve scoliosis which started causing chronic, debilitating pain in my 20’s. This is what brought me back to Pilates. I started taking Pilates Reformer classes in 2019 with the goal of strengthening my back and core to help with the pain. I fell in love (again) with how Pilates made my body feel. I started going to class once a week, then twice, and next thing I knew I was doing Pilates almost every day. I no longer deal with pain daily, and when I do, it rarely prevents me from doing things I enjoy anymore. This is why I decided to become a Pilates teacher — to help others dealing with pain, injuries, or who just need something active to feel better. I truly believe Pilates is for everyone and I love customizing my programming to meet my client’s individual needs. In addition to my training as a group fitness instructor and many years as a teacher and coach, I have also completed Pilates Movement Principles training through Balanced Body and Cheri Cohen’s Comprehensive Teacher training. I am currently studying Contrology and will soon be specializing in Scolio-Pilates.

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Vida Sana Studio
325 2nd Street
Eureka 95501
United States


Pilates Education: Cheri Cohen Pilates - Graduated 2/2024

Equipment: Contrology: Reformer with Tower, Cadillac, Folding Mat, Arm Chair, Ped-o-pul, Ladder Barrel, and High Chair

Years of Experience: 2

Languages Spoken: English