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Aimee received her comprehensive Pilates certification from the Equinox Training Institute in New York, NY in 2017 after completing over 800 hours in training. She completed the Classical Syllabus, a continuing education workshop for certified instructors, with MeJo Wiggin in 2018. During December 2023, Aimee commenced Kathi Ross Nash’s Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training (PPATT) program. Aimee continues to augment her education by attending workshops regularly and engaging in personal private sessions weekly. Aimee’s confidence in Pilates can be attributed to the indelible change it has had on her body. At age 16 after being diagnosed with severe scoliosis that required spinal fusion surgery, Aimee quickly learned that taking efforts to maintain spine health would translate into improving whole body health. After trying various forms of exercise and physical therapy, she found Pilates was the best activity for building functional strength with an awareness on alignment and increasing mobility. At age 32, Aimee was diagnosed with breast cancer, requiring a bi-lateral mastectomy; however her devotion to the Pilates Method ensured an immediate recovery with no chronic pain. Aimee is a firm believer that the principles of Pilates can help any body become a better body.

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463 Broome Street
New York, New York 10013
United States


Pilates Education: Equinox comprehensive/continuing education with MeJo Wiggin/Kathi Ross-Nash/Cary Regan/Alycea Ungaro/Victoria Torrie-Capan

Equipment: Gratz & Pilates Designs

Years of Experience: 7

Languages Spoken: English