Your wheels are bad if they look like this

Your wheels are bad if they look like this

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Regina Arras owner ofTop Gun Pilates Engineering tells you what to look for when the wheels on your Reformer have gone bad and need replacing. If you find out you need to replace yours check out our Apparatus Maintenance section for complete how-to videos. We've gathered the tools you'll need in a Studio Maintenance Kit. If you have questions or would like to schedule service for your apparatus, visit Sentry Pilates (who does all maintenance activities for Top Gun) or email Jackie Nieves directly at:

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  1. leslienasr

    I have recently purchased a whole set of wheels and did notice a big difference in the manufacturing of these new wheels compared to the older ones. I was astonished and quite upset as it seems that those new wheels are “aging and deteriorating” much quicker! I have contacted Gratz and have not yet received an answer. This is a major problem, one that should be looked into as soon as possible. Thank you

    • regina
      regina 5 years ago

      Hi Leslie,

      Thank you for your comments, and thank you for your e-mail. I look forward to helping you with your reformer wheels!

  2. Pedro Pereira de Ferreira

    have you noticed that the wheels you’ve got there are quite different from each other? have you noticed that they era from different makers? have you noticed that they have different kind of rubbers so this will have impact on the carriage fluidity??
    have you noticed many things are changing without we, the teachers that buy the equipment from a well known maker, get told about before buying the equipment?? have you noticed that or is just me and some more, I would dare say, plenty more, have noticed that changing things for cutting costs are changing how our beloved apparatuses flows and therefore tearing apart the proper feeling of the movement itself???? … well, have you noticed? I know I have and know so many more teachers around the globe that did aswell.

    • regina
      regina 5 years ago

      Hi Pedro,
      Yes you are absolutely correct these wheels are different manufacturers but they are designed and manufactured to the same caster wheel specifications (material, size, etc.) and therefore can both be used with the Gratz reformer. The old, aged one that I use in the video is just for illustrative purposes, however both are made of the same material and therefore will tend to deteriorate in the same manner and exhibit similar characteristics as they age – one of these being the dried out, powdery texture.

      Thank you!

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