Pilates Wunda Chair Workshop w/ MeJo Wiggin

Wunda Workshop with MeJo Wiggin

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In this Instructor oriented workshop MeJo Wiggin shares her immense knowledge on this key Pilates apparatus. Learn new variations along with classical transitions, how to spot your clients safely, what to look for to know when to progress to a more difficult exercise and so much more! Our thanks to the 2013 Classical Pilates Convention UK where this class was filmed. For information on the next event, please visit: http://www.classicalpilatesconvention.co.uk

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  1. realinepilates

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful teaching workshop. The attention to detail and cueing is incredible and what we teacher need to keep focused on for our clients. Thank you!!

  2. AnnaDZullo 6 years ago

    Fantastic workshop!!! Enjoyed every moment of it!

  3. pilates-powers.de

    I am so thankful Alisa & husband you are making these workshop classes available to us. Couldn’t be there in the UK with you all but I can feel the energy and it is wonderful to see MeJo’s great teaching. I so hope to get once the chance to directly learn from her.

  4. pilates 6 years ago

    This had great cues, thanks for providing this workshop

  5. pilatesangel 6 years ago

    I echo Lauren’s sentiments! So wonderful to share this with all of us! Thank you!! MeJo is a wonderful presenter!

  6. Linda 6 years ago

    Super! Teaching where to spot to feel the exercise correctly was terrific.
    Thank you, MeJo!

  7. lghammerle

    Thank you MeJo, UK Convention and Alisa and Jack for sharing this workshop with us! It is much appreciated and I enjoyed watching!

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