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Ready for a killer workout? Join this group pros as Alisa takes them through their paces at the 2013 Classical Pilates Convention UK. You'll practice the advanced variations of moves such as Swan Dive, Tendon Stretch to the side and back, Tabletop with one leg side, the Star and more. For information on attending the next event planned by Amy Kellow of Everybody Pilates, please visit Classical Pilates Convention UK.

What Others Are Saying


  1. pilates 5 years ago

    OK, I am watching this to entertain me while doing some mandatory cleaning but I am DOING it tomorrow!! Need a good chair workout, thanks:)

  2. Miguel Silva 5 years ago

    thank you Alisa!! 😉 That was a good workout!!

  3. Fera Smith
    Fera Smith 5 years ago

    Yes! Cannot wait to do this workout again!!!

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