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We asked Victoria for a legs focused workout on the Wunda chair and boy did she deliver! Get your gams ready to feel strong, long and lean with a bonus on balance. If you're a teacher, Victoria's alignment cues are simple genius that you'll use again and again. Visit Victoria at her studio Pilates on 66.

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  1. Pilatessummer79
    Pilatessummer79 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness! I was able to do twist on the chair and with your cues I could do tendon stretch! Thank you!! I think I got the piece I was missing with the lifting of the inner thighs!

  2. verofrance 5 years ago

    So nice and so good

  3. Elizabeth Brown Meier

    Ok. I love this workout, I especially love Victoria’s precise cueing. Having done this workout originally on a contemporary combo chair the first time a few months back and again today on my new classical Wunda chair which is different in size, shape and tension; I have a few thoughts…..I felt an intense leg workout with the contemporary piece but struggled with the bigness of the chair and adjusting the spring tension to fit the classical work. I have to say today was even more intense but felt interesting more intuitive and friendlier to my body!
    Thank you Alisa and Jack. I absolutely love this site. I took your advice Alisa and went to Vintage PIlates last fall and I have been doing regular skype session with Andrea Maida. Love, love, love her. I’m not sure if I’m ready for the work yet, but I am stronger and feel so much better in my body with this work.????

  4. Victoria you ROCK !!! 😉 thanks for this super 5 star class 😉

  5. janie jennings 5 years ago

    As always, great cues. I am understanding the Wunda Chair more after this video.

  6. Jon Hawkins

    Love the simplicity and effectiveness of this teacher’s work. The Single Leg Stretch hand hold to stabilise the Mountain Climber being one example of many gems in this lesson.

  7. ladyjane 5 years ago

    great workout A and J! loved your cues Victoria,felt my inner thighs just watching!

  8. Dolores Coeck 6 years ago

    Great workout! Thank you, thank you, thank you !!

  9. LKVB 6 years ago

    Such excellent ques from Victoria as always she delivers! I vote for more duets with J and A!!!! 🙂

  10. N1727
    N1727 6 years ago

    great leg work, very challenging with nice cues thank you!

  11. Mary
    Mary 6 years ago

    As always, an awesome class by Victoria. The student Jack really has it together. Great work.

  12. joesmat 6 years ago

    I really liked observing this piece of video.
    It is said that the Wunda Chair challanges your Balance and Control and is the foundation for the so called Advanced Pilates Exercises.
    The Reformer I understand is said to give one a wide range of Basic to Intermediate Exercises and train the body to move smoothly with mimimum of effort.
    Here we have a range of exercises demonstrated that it seems to me really challanges, your Balance, Control, Symmetry and intrinsic musculature that is somewhat unique to the Wunda Chair?

    I have not come across the exercises you and Jack demonstrated during the first part or perhaps half of the video, on the Wunda Chair. Especially, the placement of the hands, (just like Single Leg Pull on the Mat).
    The significant thing that stood out to me was how much these exercises really challange the intrinsic muscles, and immediately, you can see how you were working to find symmetry.
    As a crude observation and novice it appears this little piece of Apparatus challanges the body most of all the Apparatus?
    Were some of these exercises someones innovations?
    Many thanks.

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