Wunda Chairs Workshop with Inelia Garcia (ENGLISH TRANSLATION)

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Inelia Garcia leads this workshop for teachers on the Wunda Chair at the 2019 Palermo Pilates Symposium. Watch her and you’ll find out why Inelia’s teachers have the best Pilates bottoms in the world, the flattest stomachs and arguably, the most control. Join in the movement and you’ll rediscover each and every exercise while transforming your own body. There are too many highlights to list here but one that’s not to miss is her explanation of how to create a C-Curve. Enjoy!  Click here to learn more about Inelia’s upcoming Pilates conference, open to all teachers in February 2020. You can find one of her many studios and teacher training centers at The Pilates Studio Brasil. Our thanks to Lesley Bell who organizes the annual Palermo Pilates Symposium.

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