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Blast out this fun and quick Wunda of a workout and you’ll feel the results for days. Lauren leads with detailed and simple cues that keep you moving with perfect alignment. Proof of Pilates' anti-aging benefits: the team joining you for this workout covers all generations from their 70s to 30s!  Filmed at Lauren’s studio Pilates Seattle International offering Pilates, Physical Therapy and Romana’s Pilates Teacher Training.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Very nice – great quick pick me up! Thank you!

  2. Christopher Roberts

    Loved the set up and flow of this class.

  3. janie jennings 5 years ago

    Transition good . Great cues.

  4. deneeSdole 5 years ago

    loved the simple & understandable cueing and the flow

  5. pilates 6 years ago

    Yeah, I’m getting that chair out again this week! Nice flow, thanks/

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