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Join Tiziana for a session integrating the mat work with the Wunda Chair. It’s a full body workout that doesn’t get overly complicated and maximizes your time. You'll practice advanced exercises and variations on both the chair and the mat at a swift pace that keeps you engaged throughout. Get ready for a killer workout that you’ll feel for days!

What Others Are Saying


  1. Gina Jackson 5 years ago

    Thank you Tiziana. A perfect early morning Mat and #WednesdayWunda workout.

  2. rshall 5 years ago

    Fantastic workout! Great, flowing integration of mat and chair for a full-body, sweaty workout. I’d give it 10 stars! Thank you.

  3. Alexandra Bohlinger
    Alexandra Bohlinger 7 years ago

    I did it and loved it! Gracia Tiziana!


  1. […] is exactly what happened.  Taking a page from Tiziana Trovati’s Mat & Wunda workout on Pilatesology, I added a few extra variations and moves she didn’t use, e.g., […]

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