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Mari teaches her favorite combination of mat exercises that Romana called "the Reversals" because each exercise does the reverse of the one before it. The series can be used as a killer and quick warmup (just add the Hundred) or as an ending to any session and includes Roll Up + Roll Over; Neck Pull + Jackknife; Teaser + Boomerang; and a big finish with the Seal. It's not easy but it's really fun! Visit Mari at her website,

What Others Are Saying


  1. Alisa Wyatt

    Thank you Mari, I know you can hear me when I say that was an awesome way to take a break from my desk this morning! ❤️

  2. beezwaan
    beezwaan 5 months ago

    I just did this quick reversal exercise as a finish to a zoom workout with Mary Kelly. I wanted to honor Mari Winsor, and show gratitude for her.

  3. N1727
    N1727 5 years ago

    This shows gorgeous presentation, challenging speed and energy. Thank you!

  4. Ynowak 5 years ago

    Feels so good! Thank you!

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