The Clock, a.k.a. The Commando Exercise

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Try to make it around your clock in less than a minute, if you can do it, you're a real a 'commando.' Joseph Pilates called this exercise the Clock, or as he referred to it on a brochure that sold for $1, "The Commando Exercise, Around the Clock and Back in Less Than a Minute." It's the most important exercise in Pilates, the Double Leg Stretch, done around a clock. On it's own, it's about the quickest, most effective core workout you can do, you can also use it as a fun addition to any mat class, to finish a workout with, or to wake yourself up! Filmed at Trovati Pilatesworks in Orange County, California.

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  1. Theodora
    Theodora 4 years ago

    Hi Tiziana! I recently saw that originally this exercise is done with the arms extended to the side of the legs (like the original double leg stretch), and extending the legs only on even numbers rather than all numbers. Is there a specific reason why this has changed? Thanks!

  2. Nicely Done!

  3. alyglaze 8 years ago

    Well, that was fun!

  4. DKimbro 8 years ago

    I too love the original matwork – more please!!

  5. joesmat 8 years ago

    I love these pieces of the original matwork. Please give us more gems like this. Wonderful.

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