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If you are a teacher, Miguel's quick tips on how to teach the basic matwork will help you to better understand the entire Pilates System. You'll learn the main body shapes that happen in the basic mat (round and flat back) and how the order of the exercises helps to build the skill needed for the next exercise in the series. Miguel then breaks the basic mat into blocks: warm up, stretching, strengthening upper body, strengthening lower body, cool down. This breakdown will help you to easily choose the best exercises to benefit your clients' individual needs and what you should teach them next. Para aprender más del programa de certificación de profesores con Fabien y Miguel visite Uno Pilates Method. Nuestro agradecimiento a Inside Out Pilates.    

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  1. chrisgpinheiro
    chrisgpinheiro 3 years ago

    Como sempre, brilhante. Obrigada Miguel!

    • Miguel Silva Author
      Miguel Silva 3 years ago

      muito obrigado Chris!! Espero ver-te pronto!! abraços

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